I believe that big ideas need to communicate a message with design that is visually enticing, tells a beautiful story, and connects on a soul level. This is what drives action.

Amanda Keenan graphic designer

I find it so fulfilling and exciting to visually communicate a message that sparks something inside, and ignites that force into action. I design because I want to leave a beautiful mark on the world, and hopefully inspire change for good. 

To have people appreciate art, purchase from their local small business, or support a cause that will make a difference in this world – this is why I design.

Hi! I’m Amanda Keenan, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve been a graphic designer since 2006 (unless you count those 3 prior years where I was '“making pictures” on my computer for groups that I believed in, before I knew what graphic design was).

It has been a journey in self discovery, and of learning along the way — I went to college for Graphic Design, worked at a couple agencies, realized that wanted to know more and so went back to school for my Design Degree. I’ve just never stopped learning about how to better my craft.

I specialize in graphic design for print and digital formats. Notably I am also very fond of letterpress printing and make luxury stationery, by hand, using an antique printing press, under my business Silverplate Press. I also design Squarespace websites and some branding design too.