Out of Sight Out of Mind Posters

Out of Sight, Out of Mind posters

One step too far

Over consumption has led to the planet losing 3 species every hour. Change will happen because of the choices that you make.

This disappearing human foot is made of endangered species' footprints. As a representation of the human impact is on all animal life, including our own. The planet is losing three species every hour largely due to our impact. We are in a global mass extinction, and have the ability to change it by the choices we make.

The Out of Sight, Out of Mind poster series is intended to inspire people to make a change. To consume less, to care more. As global temperatures heat up, the impact on the species of our planet is catastrophic. The ink begins to disappear at about 36ºC, which is about the same as a person's body temperature.

I made this poster using handmade methods – silk screen thermochromic ink and three-colour letterpress printed text.

Endangered foot poster
Letterpress Endangered foot poster
Endangered foot letterpress poster